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Some dogs will chew no matter what you do. So, how to get them to pay more attention to chewing on their toys than on their bed? Our take on this is to minimize the surface available for them to chew on. All fabric edges have been enclosed in the PVC frame of our Chew Resistant beds. This keeps them from chewing on it. Maybe it is time to try a bed that minimizes their chewing ability and is backed by a warranty that covers damage caused by chewing.

 Product Highlights:

  • The dog can't chew on fabric because edges are enclosed inside the PVC frame.
  • Easy to clean and built to last.
  • Six months to one year chew resistant warranty depending on fabric selection.
  • Love it or leave it return policy.  If you dont like it simply return it. Click here for details. 

See our Chew Resistant Dog Bed Warranty

Things to consider

Things to consider when buying a chew Resistant dog bed. When looking into a chew-proof dog bed, there are many other factors then just durability that you will need to look for. These include:

  • Comfort
  • Method of Chew-proofing used in product
  • Is it ease to clean
  • Built for indoor or outdoor
  • Longevity (will it last)
  • Raised or elevated off the ground

Just because your dog chews on stuff shouldn't keep him or her from sleeping on comfort bed.

There are two main parts of a dog bed to consider the frame and the mat. When it comes to chew proofing both are equally important. Many dog beds surround the actual padded area with materials like wicker, wood. These are extremely chewable, and damage very quickly. PVC, Metals, and chew-proof nylons and plastics are therefore a much more durable frame choice.

The tough part is the fabric. Keep in mind the softer the fabric the easier to chew. Look for a fabric with good tear and abrasion resistance. A good Polypropylene or nylon fabric should work well.

A good chew-proofing design keeps the fabric folds and edges out of the dogs mouth. A method for doing this is to enclose the folds and edges in a PVC or metal frame. These types of dog beds are as close to chew proof as they come.

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Denny Monster - Near indestructible Chew Resistant Dog Bed for Large Breeds
Denny Monster - Near indestructible Chew Resistant Dog Bed for Large Breeds
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