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Choosing a Dog Bed

Things to consider when buying a dog bed.

Quick Chart:

Height in Inches 2 - 30 Lbs 35 - 60 Lbs 65 - 85 Lbs 90 - 190 Lbs
5- 12 Beds For Small Dogs Beds for Medium Dogs Beds for Large Dogs Beds for XL Dogs
13 - 25 Beds for Medium Dogs Beds for Medium Dogs Beds for Large Dogs Beds for XL Dogs
26 - 30 Beds for Large Dogs Beds for Large Dogs Beds for Large Dogs Beds for XL Dogs

     How to Measure a Dogs Height
    How To Measure Your Dog's Height:
        You want to measure from the floor to your dogs withers.  The withers are basically his shoulders.  See image for help.  It may be easier to stand your dog up next to a wall and mark the wall at the top of his withers.  Then measure the distance between the floor and the mark.
    How To Weigh Your Dog:
        First weigh yourself, using a regular scale.  Write down your weight.  Then pick up your dog and stand on the scale.  You may need someone to help you, because you may not be able to see the scale while holding your dog.  Then just subtract the weights. For help finding size and weight by breed click Here
    Where the bed will be used:
         Will the bed be using mostly inside or outside.  What are the seasonal temperature ranges where you live? You will need to select a dog bed that can stand up to the temperature range and weather conditions in your area.  If you will leave the bed outside you may want a bed that will not allow water to puddle on it.  This way you will not need to remove the water from the bed after it rains.
    If your dog likes to chew things:
          Does your dog chew up those pillow beds and everything else that fits in his mouth?  If so you may want to find a bed that encloses the mat material inside the bed frame.  Check out our Chew Resistant model (Here).
    What Size Bed Do You Need?

        Using the weight of your dog is a good starting point in  picking bed size.  Be careful of purchasing a bed that does not have a clear weight rating.  You may also want to measure your dog. Measure your dog as explained above or in his favorite sleeping position; perhaps his length when fully stretched out, or his diameter when curled into a ball.  Another thing to keep in mind is whether your dog will still grow.  If your dog is still growing you might want to think about buying the next size up.

    What Style dog bed is right for your dog?

    Listed below are some of the common styles of dog beds.  We know that not everyone is looking for the type we make and think these definitions may be helpful.  We currently make the first four styles.  Later we will add links to site that make the other styles.

    • Outdoor Dog Bed or Dog Cot: (Outdoor Dog Bed or Dog Cot) This is usually a PVC or metal frame dog bed.  The mat portion of the bed that the dog lays on is attached to the bed either by wrapping around the parts of the frame or,  in our case attached to the inside of the tubing that makes up the dog bed frame.  Some pillow based dog beds are marketed for outdoors use as well. 

    • Orthopedic Outdoor Dog Bed: (Orthopedic Outdoor Dog Beds)  This is usually a dog bed made out of some type of foam (most commonly memory foam).  We market our beds as orthopedic outdoor dog beds because of the built in flex that we call Comfort by Design.  This allows for a cushiony feel without the foam.  This is why we specifically market them as Outdoor Dog Beds.  We like to think of it as a nice balance between foam or pillow-based beds and the standard outdoor dog bed where the mat is tight as a drum.

    • Hammock Outdoor Dog Bed: (Hammock Dog Beds) This is usually a dog bed where the portion of the bed the dog lays on is attached to the frame in only two places.  This is where it gets its Hammock name.  These beds are usually made of heavier material to support the added pressure that the mat puts on the two places where it is connected to the frame.  Some cot dog beds, where the mat clearly attaches on all four sides, have been marketed as hammock dog beds.  I'm not sure why, I guess it was another keywork they were hoping to gain hits from.

    • Raised Dog Bed or Elevated Dog Bed: This is usually the same as an outdoor dog bed or dog cot (see definition above: ).

    • Pet Furniture: ( Pet Furniture) These are usually dog beds that look like small versions of people furniture.  They usually look like couches or beds. They tend to be a bit more expensive, but may be worth the money if that is what you are looking for.

    • Pillow Beds: ( Pillow Beds ) These are usually a dog beds made out of some type of pillow stuffing or foam.  There are tons of these on the market and even Costco regularly carries them.  They range in price from around $20.00.  These are great for indoors.
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