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Denny Monster - Near indestructible Chew Resistant Dog Bed for Large Breeds
Denny V2 3X with 65Lb and 85Lb Dog

Denny Monster - Near indestructible Chew Resistant Dog Bed for Large Breeds

Part Number DennyMonsterV2
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This is no ordinary dog bed. Built for kennels and pet professionals. Can handle the heavy weight of large breed dogs with ease. The frame is built of 2 inch PVC and will hold up to 700 Lbs. As strong, if not stronger then other metal beds on the market. Are guaranteed chew proof. Mat edges are enclosed in the PVC frame to prevent chewing.

What is new in Version Two:
  • Stronger frame
  • Solid corners
  • Less holes to line up during assembly.
  • Larger sizes
  • Same chew resistant results.
One year warranty and Love it or leave it return policy. Buy with confidence.
Chew Resistant:   Chew Resistant Dog Bed For Large Breed Dogs


     This dog bed helps prevents dogs from chewing on it.  The mat material edges are covered by the PVC frame.  This prevents the dog from chewing on the material.




Size Dimensions(Details) Recommended Weight/Height

43x28 OD


47x28 OD


47x40 OD


52x40 OD

150+Lbs/32+ Inches

Fabric Options 

  • Vinyl coated PVC mesh: Allows water to pass through it. Six months chew warranty.
  • Permatron made by TenCate. Allows water to pass through it and breaths. It is a very strong mesh fabric that wears well. We donít recommend this fabric for dogs that tend to scratch repetitive.
  • Ballistic Nylon: Very durable fabric with a fine finish that won't catch hair.  Water will puddle on this fabric. One Year chew warranty.
  •  35 Oz Vinyl (Harder to put together): Our most durable fabric. Water will puddle on this fabric. Recommended for dogs that tend to dig or scratch their beds. But, please be aware that even this fabric can be scratched thru.
  • See options drop down menu in upper right for color and size availability.

More Specifications

  • Vinyl Feet: Prevent bed from slipping while dog gets on and off. 
  • Frame Material: 2" PVC Sch 40 (like sold at Home Depot)
  • Dimensions are outside from corner to corner.
  • Frame Color: White

More Info
  • One year warranty and Love it or leave it return policy. Buy with confidence.
  • We try to keep our prices down by using all widely available material. 
  • Every dog deserves a bed! We will donate $1.00 from every bed purchase to Boxer Rescue LA.
  • Assemble required: Most people report that it takes some strength to put together. We like to say it is about a 6 on a scale of 1 to 10. Give your self about an hour for the first bed and 20 min for every extra bed. It will also take medium strength because the fabric needs to fit tight. If you have a medical condition like sever arthritis you may need help with assemble. You will need a Philips head screw driver and a pair of pliers and hammer or rubber mallet. It is worth the effort.
  • All beds are made in the USA with majority of parts made in the USA.
Assemble Instructions

Download instruction for putting bed together here.

Watch video of how to put bed together here.

Customer Reviews View All Reviews
Rating XXL dog bed
I ordered 2 of the beds for my mastiff. She loves them & so do we.
  Reviewed by:   from Florida. on 1/20/2015
Rating Great Beds
The beds arrived in a fairly quick fashion, and I employed my teenage son to help me put them together. While assembly isn't hard to figure out, it DEFINITELY takes a huge amount of elbow grease to assemble the final corner, and we weren't sent the apparently new and improved corners that are split to allow for easier assembly. One other caveat was that one of our tubes was the wrong size (we were given too many long ones and too few short ones), but it was easy to cut to size with a jigsaw.
  Reviewed by:   from Atlanta, GA. on 4/24/2014
Rating Monster bed
Arrived quickly, but was missing some screws. Very, very difficult to assemble - you definitely need some major muscle to stretch and fit the ends into each other. (My daughter and I are small people.) It seems very durable and so far so good with 2 adult labs. They destroyed 2 Coolaroo pads, which is why I wanted to try the monster. I do not care for the colors at all. Why would you make an outdoor bed have a white frame. Nothing in my yard matches the royal blue. I'm trying hard to overlook the visual for durability. Time will tell if they want to lay on it when it's 115 degrees outside.
  Reviewed by:   from Phoenix . on 4/16/2014
Rating Owner Dog Love LLC
After adjusting to the bounce my dog loves this bed. He does use it with 3 inches of memory foam because he is 12. It works well for him.
  Reviewed by:   from NY. on 2/18/2014
Rating Finally
I've had 2 sets of Rotties in the past, now I have a Pit and a pit/mix. They've been anialators of their beds. Have tried all times even a home made one. I went on line looking for indestructable beds. When I read the reviews of all except this one while some people it worked for they all had comments like, "my dog had destroyed it in an hour" or "she put a hole in it in 10 minutes". I've had mine for 2 weeks now. They haven't touched it. There's nothing on it that attracts them to chew on it. I bought 1 XL bed and both my 80lb pit and the 90-95 lb pit/bull mastif/retriever mix cuddle up on it together. I put a piece of 3x5 carpet on it for extra padding and so far so good. Finally a neat looking bed that they haven't destroyed. No more coming home with foam or stuffing all over the floor. Thank you Denny Monster.- Gus
  Reviewed by:   from Port Jefferson NY. on 10/30/2013
Replacement Corner For Version 2 Chew Resistant Beds
Replacement Corner For Version 2 Chew Resistant Beds
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Your Price: $9.50
Replacement Mat For Denny and Peluche Models Version 2
Replacement Mat For Denny and Peluche Models Version 2
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