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Q: How accurate are the measurements of the beds listed on your site.

A: We measure from outside corner to outside corner.  We error on the large side, due to the fact that buys are usually most concerned with the bed fitting in to a defined space such as a kennel. 


Q: I purchased a Peluche chew resistant dog bed.  It seems that the holes don't line up.  What might I be doing wrong?

A:  The most common cause of this is tightening one corner before attaching the other three.  See step four of the instructions.  If step four is not done on all corners before doing step five things will not line up.  You can down load the instructions here
Q: Are your beds Chew proof
A: Nothing is completely chew proof. Some dogs have been able to chew and dig through stucco, dry wall and various other hard materials. We believe our Chew Resistant line of dog beds are as close to chew proof as you can get. The fabric portion of the bed is enclosed inside the PVC pipes. This reduces the chewable surface.

Q: Can dogs dig through the fabric?
A: Yes, a determined dog can dig through the fabric by continuously working on one spot.  This is true for all fabrics.  Some dogs have been able to dig through some of the toughest fabric, like 40 oz vinyl.

Q: How can I help my dog adjust to the new bed.

A: Tips for adjusting your dog to a new bed.

  1. Do not try to force them on the bed.
  2. Place one of their favorite toys or treats on the bed.  Then just leave them alone with it.
  3. Move the dogs scent to the new bed.  Place something with your dogs scent on the bed.  A blanket, or toy, or pillow that your dog has used before.
  4. Sent the bed with youre sent.  Run your arm, or something made of cotton that has your sent is on. 


Q: How do I clean the bed?

A: Wash the bed with disk soap and water.  Put about one teaspoon of dish soap on the mat of the bed.  Spray it with some water from the hose.  Use a broom to scrub the mat with the soap and water.  Hose it off and let it sit in the sun.


Q: Can I leave the bed outside all the time?

A: Yes the bed was designed for outdoor use.


Q: Will water puddle up on the bed mat?

A: No the water will seep through the bed mat and will not puddle on the mat.


Q: Is the mat UV resistant?

A: Yes


Q: Is it hard to put together, do I need tools?

A: The bed is very easy to put together.  Some of our beds require a screw driver to put together.



Q: Is the mat mildew resistance?

A: The mat excellent resistance to mildew.


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