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Replacement Mat For Version 1 All Beds
Pernatron Replacment Mat with Insert Tube

Replacement Mat For Version 1 All Beds

Part Number MatReplacAllBedsV1
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Just select your bed under options when ordering and the correct mat will be ordered. If you are unsure what bed you have.  Use drop down above to see pictures of the different beds.
Replacement Mat for the following beds.
  • Honey Bed Hammock Style (All sizes)
  • Buddy Bed Hammock Style (All sizes)
  • Peluche Chew Resistant (All sizes)
  • Denny Monster Chew Resistant (All sizes)
  • Testing One
  • Testing Two
  • Customer Reviews
    Rating Replacement Mat and poles
    My dog absolutely loved his first bed with the carpet-like mat (and I much prefer the Carpet-like mat also). He seems to like the new material okay, but his feet slide when stepping on/off and he can't quite get the perfect "spot" like on the carpet mat; you know how dogs go in circles a few times before actually laying down. My husband had a real heck of a time getting the frame back together with the tubes that came with the replacement mat. I will give the new material 3 stars since it seems rather sturdy; but the bed itself is great, so I will up it to 4. I do hope they find another source for the carpet mat material though, it was a genuine 5 stars plus and lasted 3 1/2 yrs outside on the back porch. I did buy him a small, though he is a 65 lb Husky; but dogs generally curl up to sleep and he had room for that( plus space was tight). If he wants to stretch out, he'll go out on the drive or on the floor when I let him in.
      Reviewed by:   from Indian Trail, NC. on 1/3/2014
    Rating Berker's Dog Beds are a superior product
    I have had a number of different dog beds. The Berker Bed construction prevents chewing of the fabric at the corners. My one bed has lasted at least 3-4 years until now when my scratcher, Axl, finally wore through the fabric in the middle.
      Reviewed by:   from Mankato, MN. on 12/26/2013
    Rating Peluche Chew Resistant XL Wide bed.
    We are very happy with our Berkers dog bed. We have a Yellow Labrador Retriever named Spice. She is three years old and likes to chew on things. After putting the bed together we were very pleased with the quality. Our dog loves this bed. She lays and sleeps on it everyday. Our dog has not chewed on it once. The bed is very well made and has exceeded all of our expectations. Berkers customer service has been fast and pleasant. I would recommend this bed to anyone who has a dog that chews or not.
      Reviewed by:   from California. on 3/16/2011
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